D-W-Y M&A Coaching

DWYM&A is an extremely fast and affordable way to get the inside track on Agency M&A. The 10 modules are a step by step guide on how to find and acquire agencies and fund the deals with a live M&A/Q&A we stream most weeks with special guests from the agency and media world who are closing real live deals that you can learn from and ask questions about directly.

  • M&A Coaching Course  —  £395.00

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Course Notes

All 10 modules are listed below. These are all pre-recorded video courses, except for the induction and one-to-one kick off call. As part of the group’s mastermind there is a weekly live Q&A each Friday afternoon and a private LinkedIn and Facebook group for all our members to share tips and progress.

  1. Induction
    1. Why do deals?
    2. How can you build your agency through M&A
    3. Examples of financing deals
    4. Examples of structuring deals
    5. Building your team
  2. Kick off call
    1. Identifying strategic objectives
    2. Identifying acquisition targets
    3. Creating your search
  3. Module 1
    1. Getting search ready 
    2. Setting up, tools, software
    3. Building the long list, why so long?
    4. Researching targets and crossing off dead ends
  4. Module 2
    1. Collecting data on targets 
    2. Working your network
    3. Contacting the companies
    4. RESOURCE: Email Outreach Script
    5. Dealing with the company responses
    6. Building up a calendar of calls
  5. Module 3
    1. Screening the owners and comparing the businesses 
    2. Selling yourself, what’s your vision?
    3. Seller benefits
    4. Requesting information, financial information, and Company Information 
  6. Module 4
    1. Modelling acquisitions
    2. Cultural fit 
    3. Exploring the processes within the agency and how they will integrate with our with your team
  7. Module 5
    1. Delving deep into financials and the process
    2. Valuations quick ‘n’ dirty
    3. Valuation models
    4. Normalising EBITDA
  8. Module 6
    1. Making offers
    2. Offer letter
    3. Psychology of sellers
    4. Building the deal
    5. Seller finance
    6. Overcoming seller hurdles
  9. Module 7
    1. Due diligence 
    2. Check list
    3. Setting up the data room
    4. Issues to look for during due diligence
  10. Module 8
    1. Closing the deal
    2. RESOURCE: Share Purchase Agreement
    3. Negotiating tactics
    4. Avoiding deal fatigue
  11. Module 9
    1. Financing the deal
    2. Tax implications
    3. Cash flowing the acquisition
  12. Module 10
    1. Integrating the companies post sale
    2. Staying on course
    3. Leveraging for your next deal