We show you exactly how to acquire a marketing agency step by step. We demystify everything and take you from the very start to the finish of building your own agency group. The course is made up of 12 modules including live 1-on-1 coaching on how to acquire agencies and build an agency business through M&A. Sign up and start as soon as you’ve booked in your induction session.

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Sir Martin Sorrell M&A/Q&A

Sir Martin Sorrell

Sir Martin Sorrell is the founder of the world’s largest agency group WPP, he now runs S4 Capital a better, faster, cheaper contender in the global marketing agency world. During Sir Martin’s mastermind he discussed how he would start an agency roll up from scratch.

Felix Velarde

Felix Velarde

Felix Velarde is the CEO of 2Y3X, he’s a serial agency founder and group CEO. His mission is to help other agency owners grow and exit at huge multiples. In our agency mastermind with Felix he explained exactly how to build an agency group and exit at maximum value.

Dom Hawes

Dom Hawes

Dom is the CEO of Selbey Anderson Group. He has made multiple acquisitions, up to 4 a year, in the short space of time that his marketing group has been operating. During our mastermind call with Dom, he explains how to set up the business and raise capital.

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What to expect

This course shows you how you can build your own agency roll-up, without expensive legal and financials advice.

If you have run your own business before, you have enough skills to get into M&A.

The process will take you all the way through from beginning the search, contacting the sellers, requesting information, valuations, offers, negotiations, sourcing finance, due diligence and legals.

Each module you will discover exactly how to acquire an agency step by step and if you get stuck with anything we are available to jump in and assist.

The process shows you how to get an agency deal done within three months, by which time you will have a number of targets identified, offers made, negotiations done and legals being finalised.

By the end of the process, you will be an M&A expert and have the confidence to continue making M&A moves on your own. In fact some of our course members have gone on to start their own agency M&A advisory.

We have created a huge amount of value in this course, not only the M&A secrets and know-how that we provide but thousands of dollars worth of templates and information.

There is so much value in this course, not just the actual instruction from Andy Day and his 30 years experience in marketing and M&A, but also the documents provided alongside as key resources.

These bonus documents allow you to handle the entire M&A process yourself without costly professionals who provide minimal value to the overall process.

Included is an email template so you can reach out to target companies. The approach of this email is simple but effective. Rather than overcomplicating the process, our template leaves more to be discussed at later stages of the M&A journey.

There are templates for creating valuations of targets, cover letters for making offers, due diligence checklists and more. All creating huge value within the course.

Finally, as an added bonus, there is a database of bank and private equity firms that will help you close the deal with financial experts on side. This kind of data is difficult to find on the internet. In some cases debt and equity lenders obfuscate this information so that it ISN’T freely available.

Strategy Template

Create your own strategy document before you begin your search. We create these documents for clients during a 1-to-1 hour long call. Here we break down how to get your strategy clear so you can stay focused while you hunt for your M&A targets.

Hitlist Template

Using our spreadsheet template you will be able to quickly create a list of targets to contact.

Email Template

All of your cold outreach to targets can easily be done using our simple but effective email template.

NDA Template

We have an extremely basic NDA template that rarely hits any issues with target legal departments. Just fill in the blanks and you’re away.

Valuations Template

We have a couple of different valuation templates to use to get you assessing the targets from a financial point of view. Either using the simple rule of thumb method or something a little more complex.

Offer Letter Templates

We have 3 different flavour offer letters based on real world examples, these can potentially save your thousands in legal fees for something that should be really straightforward.

Due Diligence Template Pack

We provide everything you need to help conduct due diligence on your target companies. DD can costs tens of thousands, but here we provide extensive lists of information requests to help complete this stage of an acquisition. We also give you a template zip file for a data room if the target doesn’t have an advisory.

Share Purchase Agreement Template

In case you want to cover your own legals, we have a template share purchase agreement.

Debt and Private Equity Funders List

An exclusive database of debt and private equity funders in the UK, US and Canada. This list alone is worth the cost of the course.

Shareholders Agreement Outline

As a final bonus there’s a shareholders agreement post helping you to create this vital document.

Student Testimonials

Robert Stanwick, CEO – Extra Sauce

Founder at Extra Sauce. The mothership brand for a number of fast growing media and film production companies. Factory Images, Smartphone Films and FilmAI creating content, for names like the BBC, Google, BT, EE, and Elsevier and more.


Will Jeffery, ex CEO – Maverick Media

A media entrepreneur and leader, who has established and owned creative businesses in the UK, Japan and US. Currently working across M&A, consultancy, mentorship and creative production with companies in the video games industry.


M&A Certificate

From the Capital A school of greatness

Online Studies

All course materials available online for coachees

25 Years of Excellence

Over 25 years of business and mentoring experience


Our Coaching Offering

Build an agency group  

12 week classes

How to acquire agencies following the exact M&A process as our investment bankers do when we acquire a business for a client.

Group and 1-2-1 guidance

We will guide you through the entire process and give you the confidence to find and approach potential acquisition targets.

Self Learning & Guides

Online Self Paced

Do the M&A process at your own pace with your own team saving you high costs from advisories, lawyers and accountants. No special skills or know-how required.

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We will walk you through how to find an agency, approach the owners, value the business and make an offer, through to acquiring the businesses.

Course Notes

All 10 modules are below. These are all pre-recorded video courses, except for week 1 induction and the kick off call. As part of the group’s mastermind there is a weekly live Q&A each Friday afternoon and a private LinkedIn group for all our members to share tips and progress.

  1. Induction
    1. Why do deals?
    2. How can you build your agency through M&A
    3. Examples of financing deals
    4. Examples of structuring deals
    5. Building your team
  2. Kick off call
    1. Identifying strategic objectives
    2. Identifying acquisition targets
    3. Creating your search
  3. Module 1
    1. Getting search ready
    2. Setting up, tools, software
    3. Building the long list, why so long?
    4. Researching targets and crossing off dead ends
  4. Module 2
    1. Collecting data on targets
    2. Working your network
    3. Contacting the companies
    4. RESOURCE: Email Outreach Script
    5. Dealing with the company responses
    6. Building up a calendar of calls
  5. Module 3
    1. Screening the owners and comparing the businesses
    2. Selling yourself, what’s your vision?
    3. Seller benefits
    4. Requesting information, financial information, and Company Information
  6. Module 4
    1. Modelling acquisitions
    2. Cultural fit
    3. Exploring the processes within the agency and how they will integrate with our with your team
  7. Module 5
    1. Delving deep into financials and the process
    2. Valuations quick ‘n’ dirty
    3. Valuation models
    4. Normalising EBITDA
  8. Module 6
    1. Making offers
    2. Offer letter
    3. Psychology of sellers
    4. Building the deal
    5. Seller finance
    6. Overcoming seller hurdles
  9. Module 7
    1. Due diligence
    2. Check list
    3. Setting up the data room
    4. Issues to look for during due diligence
  10. Module 8
    1. Closing the deal
    2. RESOURCE: Share Purchase Agreement
    3. Negotiating tactics
    4. Avoiding deal fatigue
  11. Module 9
    1. Financing the deal
    2. Tax implications
    3. Cash flowing the acquisition
  12. Module 10
    1. Integrating the companies post sale
    2. Staying on course
    3. Leveraging for your next deal


Why buy rather than organic growth?

Acquire Businesses With Confidence

Anyone who can run a business can acquire another one with high legal and financial fees. This is a myth peddled by investment banks.

Unprecedented M&A Opportunities

Take advantage of the massive M&A opportunity as there are thousands of agencies are currently below market value. 

Money Available

Lots of easy finance on the market, loans and investor money to take advantage of.

Scale Up Into Your Pivot

Businesses forced to pivot are now scaling up by acquiring another business with a reputation in the area they’ve pivoted to or with more clients.

Build New Services For Your Clients

Offer new products or services to your clients. Acquire DTC e-commerce businesses or content creators/channels.

Weekly Group Sessions

There are weekly group sessions with our members on Zoom and in our exclusive Facebook group for agency M&A enthusiasts.


How to build your agency through acquisitions

12 week class

Done With You M&A

A ten module (plus two live) coaching course including all the basics, finding targets, approaching owners, financing deals, valuing businesses, making offers, due-diligence, closing deals, legals, contracts, integration after the deal is done.


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 25 Years

Our founders have been in the agency, media and events business for over 25 years


Unprecedented M&A opportunity

Take advantage of current unprecedented market conditions.


Save huge legal & accountancy fees

No expensive professional fees required to acquire businesses until you are at agreement stage. 


Learn everything an investment bank does

Learn how an investment bank does M&A but charges tens of thousands for.

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Jungle Creations
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Learn From Home

Online Coaching Course

  • Tonnes of opportunities with below value businesses available
  • Learn exactly how to find and approach off market busineses
  • Save huge legal and accountancy fees
  • Learn everything an investment bank does but charges tens of thousands for
  • Opens up opportunities to grow your business with M&A

About US

Our Story

Andy has worked with some of the largest digital and media companies in the world including MSN, Universal Music, Yahoo!, Hearst, Bertelsmann, Northern & Shell and AOL. He has worked for Reach Media (formerly Mirror Group), MTV and was the founder of Gigwise.com. Andy exited Giant Digital in 2016 and has since helped other founders to exit their creative businesses. He also works with many larger agencies and PLCs to acquire creative companies, specialising in off market acquisitions.


What Our Clients Say

A professional service, knowledgeable and trusted to represent Aeorema PLC. The industry is short of consultants that offer a similar search service like Capital A’s.

Steve Quah

CEO Aeorema Communications PLC (CheerfulTwentyfirst)

Having worked with the Capital A team, I can happily endorse the professional services they provide. Capital A can help you turn your business into a leading agency in the market. I recommend them highly.

Rick Stainton

Group Executive Director, Smyle Group Ltd

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