Capital A advises Huble Digital on the acquisition of Digitag


Capital A are pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Digitag by their client Huble Digital.

An award-winning Growth Marketing Agency and HubSpot Gold Partner, Digitag based in Brussels, Belgium specialises in transforming prospects into leads and leads into clients, all with the aim of helping businesses achieve their goals. As experts in the fields of marketing, sales, and service, they partner with companies seeking a consistent flow of leads for businesses of all sizes.

Combining in-depth HubSpot knowledge with a specialist digital advertising team with extensive experience in paid media management, the Digitag team assists its clients in enhancing their sales performance by implementing effective marketing strategies and leveraging data to propel growth and achieve remarkable results.

The acquisition will bring Huble’s headcount to over 175 people and Maxime Charbit, Managing Director of Digitag, will join Huble Digital’s board and lead their French-speaking business.


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June 20, 2023

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