Capital A advises Absolute Corporate Events on sale to Venues and Events International


Capital A are pleased to announce that they have successfully advised global events and production company Absolute Corporate Events (ACE) along with Absolute Digital Communications (ADC) on their sale to Venues and Events International.

Anita Lowe, CEO, Venues and Events International, said “I believe that although the strong survive, it’s the brave who thrive, and it’s in that vein that I am delighted to have the directors and team of Absolute Corporate Events join mine. Chris and I are very excited about this new collaboration, and we both see the terrific advantages we can bring to all our now shared clients. ACE has a very strong production and creative pedigree, both in the physical and virtual world, with Chris being one of the creative champions of our industry, and I can’t wait for us to start innovating together.”

Parnham added: “Since I took ownership of ACE eight years ago, we have been on a terrific growth journey, but the effects of Covid-19 have taken their toll. I truly believe that recovery will be faster and more robust as part of a larger team, and in this case, with Venues and Events International. Anita and I have known each other for years, and over the last few months we have discovered that we share the same values, views, and vision of the future, so I am super-excited to see what we can do together. We are determined to give our clients an even better and wider service, our teams a more exciting and varied career path and the industry an exciting new force to champion creativity and good respectful business.”


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September 21, 2021

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